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Wierden - Almere

Bottom-up top down supervising

Almere is the youngest town of the Netherlands. De Wierden is one of the eldest dwelling areas of Almere. Built in the late seventies - early eighties, this area now faces several changes. DUS has been assigned as supervisors of the transformation of the area, and thereby will commit to the project long term (expected final completion 2022). The urban transformation trajectory, supervised in collaboration with urban designer Gert Breugem (the municipal planning department of Almere), consists of a mixture of bottom-up and top down components, ranging from social planning to landscape and architectural design, and evolves in several phases by means of mapping, programming and designing.

In the first phase, inhabitants of De Wierden were invited to partake in the development of a Style Book. DUS worked on this book at the Style Book editorial house, located at the heart of the neighborhood. The final outcome was a three-book thick style bible that DUS conducted in close collaboration with the inhabitants of De Wierden, the municipality and housing corporations de Alliantie and Ymere. It offers urban and architectural rules and recipes on how the approximately 1700 homes and their surroundings can be adjusted and improved, and gives guidance to all people involved with De Wierden. The aim of DUS is to stimulate improvement from within the neighborhood at all scale levels, with special attention to the existing qualities and identity of the neighborhood.

On the 14th of May 2011 Berdien Steunenberg, the alderwoman from the Municipality of Almere, received the first copy of the ‘Wierden Stylebook’. Watch the TV speech of Berdien Steunenberg here.

In the following phases, DUS will introduce new ways of participation and open-source thinking through new social media platforms. Currently a 'process model', based on the knowledge of the process in de Wierden, is developed into an online platform that can guide the transformation of other parts of Almere as well. DUS will supervise the architects that will work on the transformation of existing houses, both privately owned and owned by housing corporations, and the design of new buildings and facilities.

Client: Stuurgroep de Wierden: Ymere, De Alliantie, Gemeente Almere
Program: Supervising Urban Area transformation approx. 1880 dwellings (1680 existing + 220 new)
Location: Almere Haven, NL
Phase: Ongoing - expected final completion 2022
Project team: Hans Vermeulen, Hedwig Heinsman, Inara Nevskaya