"Confuse - architecture that confronts each person's imagination creates opportunities for communication."

City Eyes

Temporary interventions at the border between public and private

City-eyes addresses the border between the private and public domain. Subject of research are the Amsterdam windows: as windows are the eyes of the city. City-eyes offers a personal view into the souls of Amsterdam homes and thereby reveals the city's hidden stories.
All window events are miniature test cases, playing with the characteristics of the window as a screen between interior and exterior. This way, one's private parquet will be part of the outdoor pavement for a moment, and the city becomes home.

Client: Self initiated project by DUS architects
Project: Window installations addressing the border between the private and public domain
Location: Several windows in Amsterdam
Realization: 2008
Projectteam: Hans Vermeulen, Martine de Wit, Hedwig Heinsman, Laura de Graaff
Thanks to: Iittala, KEI

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