"Strive for utopia - take the consequences, design the future."


Jewel representing a masterplan for the moon as global cemetery.

The beauty of globalization is that we have friends all over the world. To many people, contemporary life equals a global lifestyle. A global way to mourn however has not been developed yet. Contemporary funeral rituals are still related to one location. This means that with friends all over the globe it is hard to personally maintain a grave or visit a grave and mourn our beloved.
The Moon is THE object in space visible to all human beings on earth. Like the ancient Romans build their necropolis (graveyard) close to the metropolis (city), the earth can have the Moon as its global necropolis. A place where the deceased are always in sight, forever in our minds.

The highlight of a Moon funeral is the launch of the ceremonial rocket with the ashes of our beloved deceased inside. Instead of a coffin going to the ground, together we gaze at a lighting rocket trail leading to the heavens. The ritual can start soon: existing rocket launch pads will be converted to global funeral memorial locations, one on each continent. In time, rocket technology will evolve and lead to national and eventually individual ceremonial rockets.
During the flight, a C60 shield safeguards the ash. Once in lunar orbit this shield expands into a ball and directs the ashes to a safe location on the Moon. A Moon anchor secures the landing of the ashes and sprinkles it around. The expanded C60-ball will perpetually fly in the Moon's geostationary orbit, as a small homage.

As human ash is very fertile, the WORLDMOON cemetery will gradually create a nutritious surface on the Moon. In combination with the deposits of water/ice on the Moon, the ashes provide a valid base for plant growth.

With more and more Moon funerals happening over time, the growing number of C60-balls will gradually cluster into an all-encompassing membrane built up from countless buckminsterfullerene structures.
Fixed in geostationary orbit, but still flexible, this membrane will create a Moon-atmosphere. It will filter and protect the Moon from dangerous radiation (UV, heat) and lessen the impact of meteorites. Once the Moon-membrane has reached its proper density, oxygen created by plants will allow for comfortable living on the Moon.

On the Moon all ash is equal and thus the new WORLDMOON will be truly universal. As this new paradise will grow from the remains of our ancestors, without knowing their nationality or race, no single nation or group can ever claim WORLDMOON. This future paradise will have no borders; there will be no distinction between nationality, race, religion, color or culture. A true and new collectiveness will arise.

The WORLDMOON jewel is a highly detailed model of the Moon cemetery scale 1:140.000.000. No matter where or when, now or in the hereafter, the WORLDMOON jewel represents the eternal connection between you and your friend. With the WORLDMOON jewel you register for a Moon funeral and show your belief in true collective living on Earth and on the Moon.
The WORLDMOON model is manufactured by using advanced 3d printing techniques. The final result is a high quality jewel of 100% sterling silver 925, and measures 2.5 cm in diameter. Each jewel is packed in a wonderful black gift box including a miniature book with the complete WORLDMOON story. The jewel comes with both a pin and a 90 cm sterling silver necklace. With these, one can choose to wear the WORLDMOON either as a pendant or brooch. All jewels are numbered (first edition).

For 120 EUR you can purchase your own WORLDMOON jewel.
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WORLDMOON has won the 'science and fiction' idea competition hosted by Dutch National newspaper NRC in collaboration with TedxAmsterdam. The project was published in NRC and presented by DUS in a TedxTalk at the TedxAmsterdam event in the Stadsschouwburg on November 30th 2010.

download article NRC newspaper

Client: MoonLife Foundation / Alicia Framis in association with Fonds BKVB
Program: Prototype for democratisation of the moon to be exhibited in the MoonLife Concept Store which is travelling around the world.
Location: MoonLife Concept Store. Shanghai (2010), Amsterdam (2011), ongoing
Phase: First edition realised 2010
Production: Soni International Jewelery CO, India
Project team: Hans Vermeulen, Martine de Wit, Hedwig Heinsman, Karlien van Leeuwen, Arminas Sadzevicius, Matt Slattery
Photography Jewel: Eddo Hartmann