Non-Schengen Piers & Gates Schiphol

Redesigning 70.000 m2 interior spaces at Amsterdam airport

Since 2013 DUS is lead interior designer of the re-design of the Non-Schengen Piers and Gates at Schiphol Amsterdam Airport. The arrival of the new One-Access central security system creates way for more open areas and passenger comfort at the piers and gates. Over 70.000 m2 is re-designed in an optimal way, integrating passenger services, commercial activities, security and maintenance flows. Focus is on the great tradition Schiphol has as the world’s oldest airport. By enhancing and building upon the traditional qualities of the internal layout and characteristic interior elements, the entire interior becomes ready for the future with a timeless quality.

Client: Schiphol N.V.
In collaboration with: Benthem Crouwel – NACO
Program: overall strategy design, re-design of Non-Schengen Piers and Gates interiors
Location: Schiphol Amsterdam Airport
Start project: 2013 - ongoing
Phase: VO
Project team: Hans Vermeulen, Inara Nevskaya, Martine de Wit, Hedwig Heinsman, Andy Yu, Bo van Niekerk, Joe Platt, Katharina Wienen, Floortje van Sandick