3D Print Canal House

Worlds’ first 3D Printed Canal House built at an expo-site in Amsterdam

The 3D Print Canal House is a three-year publically accessible ‘Research & Design by Doing’ project in which an international team of partners from various sectors works together on 3D printing a full-size canal house in Amsterdam. A beta-preneurial building project, which has the goal to revolutionize the building industry and offer new tailor made housing solutions worldwide.

The building site is designed as a growing exhibition and open to the public. The feedback from audiences generates input for research and market explorations: a live user test and feedback loop that intensifies and accelerates the research process on design, science, culture, building, software, communities and the city. This unique approach makes the building site a platform for innovation and new production techniques, and also Amsterdam’s youngest museum.

The 3D Print Canal House consists of 13 different rooms that each consist of various elements. Each room showcases a research update in shape, structure and material. The entire building chain is exposed: from design to material to production to construction, installation and also design software. The project was officially launched on March 1 2014. The house is printed with the KamerMaker – a gigantic FDM printer that can print elements of 2 x 2 x 3,5 meters, developed by DUS. The building site is located in Amsterdam North.

The project is initiated by DUS architects and shows that architecture can be catalyst for cross-sectoral innovation. It is collectively funded by all partners, who contribute to the project with knowledge and financial means.

Client: self-initiated project
Program: research by doing. Building, innovation and exhibition ground
Location: Amsterdam North
Start project: 2014
Phase: ongoing - 2017
Premium Partners: Henkel, Heijmans, Gemeente Amsterdam, Stichting DOEN, Amsterdams fonds voor de kunst Partners: Ultimaker, Igus, Elcee, Emerson, Fiction Factory, Xtrution, Rooie Joris, Alliander, AON, RSA, Amsterdam Smart City, BUKO, TU Delft, Tentech, PNO
Project team: Hans Vermeulen, Hedwig Heinsman, Martine de Wit, Tosja Backer, Sven de Haan, Joe Platt, Nathalie Swords, Brian Peters, Foteini Setaki, Karolis Platakis, Peter Hudac, Jonathan Reyes, Remi Merchat, Ben Robinson, Joao Alves, Marthe van Gils, Teun Bimbergen

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