"Combine the real with the virtual in pop-up buildings."


The urban future is personal - workshop at PICNIC festival

Hypercrafting the modern landscape was a three-day-long experimental workshop in which architects, designers and craftsmen bring together historical crafts and digital fabrication through collaborative prototyping. Combining ancient earth building techniques with computer generated design and CNC fabrication creates life-size architectural structures.

Digital fabrication in architecture makes it possible to transfer designs made on a computer to computer-controlled machinery that creates actual building components. This 'file to factory' process enables architects to realize projects featuring complex or double-curved geometries. Digital fabrication offers not only great new technical possibilities, it also enables new ways of distribution, personalization and sharing. Online communities of creatives and a rising network of backyard industries give new meaning to 'think global, act local'. Digital fabrication is crafting the 21st century way.

The impact of digital fabrication and new co-creation methodologies on architectural design and the changing roles of the designers, contractors and users is greatly discussed during these sessions.

Institute: Waag Society & FabLab Amsterdam
Context: Picnic festival
Participants creating: Arne Hendriks, Charles Tuyls, Carl Giskes, Rene Dalmeijer, Joris van Tubergen
Participants discussion: Hyperbody, IAAC Barcelona, VURB, VOLUME, Gemeente Amsterdam
Period: September 14th - 16th 2011
Project team: Hans Vermeulen, Martine de Wit, Hedwig Heinsman
Made possible by: SNS Reaal Fonds