"Will ephemeral architecture become the most solid building artifact of the future city?"

Mind Igloo

An instant building that breathes

A relict of a post-future, the hot air balloon once was a role model of pioneering: the first object that allowed mankind to travel through the sky. Now the balloon becomes a showcase for adaptive architecture, breathing as a habitable lung. As part of the New Order series of exhibitions on the post-atomic future, DUS architects recycled two redundant hot air balloons into a giant igloo-like space that only appears when you enter it. Do you dare?

The Don't Touch My Croque Monsieurs perform in the mind igloo

Breathing building
What if our homes just pop-up when we need them? And disappear when not in use? The New Order World is inhabited by breathing buildings, which celebrate human activity. These future Igloos generate, and are in need of social energy to stay erect. The Mind Igloo pioneers in the need to create new social spaces through collective thinking. It combines the private digital world with a physical collective experience. Visitors of the Igloo are invited to share their virtual smartphone life within the physical balloon sphere. Are you ready to immerse your self in a new public intimacy? Breath in and breath out as the building does and sense your collective consciousness.

Projections of cell phone pictures in the bubble

Sharing the naked mind in a bubble
Today’s’ smartphone pictures are carried around as a personal reMINDer. Hardly ever exposed, waiting to come out. What if these pictures are shared in a collective sphere?

The picture cloakroom: uploading cellphone pictures to be displayed

The lay-inn, similar to the drive-inn, resembles the 70s psychedelic slideshow parties. Before entering the bubble, people are asked to take of their shoes and step into a pair of sauna slippers. People enter the first bubble and hand in their Smartphone. In return, they receive a free relaxing drink. A random selection of 10 images is copied from their phone. Now people are allowed to go into the second bubble. The floor of the second bubble is one giant mattress. All people who are in the bubble, see their own footage randomly shuffled and projected throughout the bubble surface.

Client: Mediamatic, as part of New Order exhibition series by Rory Hyde and Katja Novitskova
Program: Media installation; movie showings; concert
Phase: Realised Spring 2012
Project team: Hedwig Heinsman, Martine de Wit, Hans Vermeulen, Inara Nevskaya, Bryan Peters, Martijn van Wijk and Jan Haeck
Special thanks to Noordelijk Ballonvaartcentrum Joure